This could be interesting… Or maybe it won’t be.

I’ve often thought about starting a blog/website for a few different reasons. I’ve always liked the idea of getting my thoughts down on paper (literally and/or figuratively) but never thought it through enough to develop a means by which I really felt compelled to do it and more importantly, do it consistently.

I also like to think that at least a few of my ideas, experiences, reflections, etc. are worth sharing with others whether it be for the purpose of education/learning, humor/entertainment at my expense, or just to let others know they aren’t alone when it comes to things that aren’t so fun to talk about.

I like to think of this as a jumpstart on my 2018 New Year’s resolution.

If there ever will be a time for me to get into the groove of this, it’s now as I take time away from medical school, which I’m sure I’ll be posting about on here at some point.

You can expect me to share content from all aspects of my life, ranging from medicine/science to running/training and finding awesome coffee & books plus mantras that inspire me and keep me going. There also might be the occasional political rant thrown in there too. ***YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!***

I hope that in time as I continue to populate the page with content, everybody who checks it out will find a shared interest or a common ground on some level.

Hopefully the elimination of net neutrality doesn’t end up hindering you guys’ ability to access this site… Oh no… I just thought about that. And I already got political in my first post. Shoot. ANYWAYS.

If nobody else, I’m sure my mother and grandmother will frequent the site to boost my page views and probably my sister/friends as well for the purpose of poking fun at me (Hi Mom & Nanny but not you, Karly).

Happy to have you along for the ride! This could be interesting… Or maybe it won’t be.

Cheers, y’all!


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